Combined experience

Case study.


​Our first meeting will give you the opportunity to discuss and show us your home and the areas you want to optimise. 

You can tell us what it is you desire, whether it is somewhere you want to be able to escape to or just relax and unwind.

We will talk through all of your requirements, including timescale and budgets. 

Design development

Through a series of design sessions, we develop the concept incorporating your needs into the overall plan.


We will work with you so you don’t have to worry about any part of the project.

Budget and cost will be something we will discuss in one of our first get togethers.

We will break down the costs and let you know exactly what you are paying for.

Planning & project management

Once everything has been finalised, we can get on with the scheduling and planning of the project. 

Our Project coordinator will be responsible for delivering your project on time, to cost and to the highest quality causing minimal disruptions to your day-to-day life.


We are ready to go.

You would have received a copy of our schedule, showing you when the different stages of work will be commencing.

We will also let you know which member of our team will be carrying the work out. We wouldn’t like a stranger in our we wont put one in yours.

Finished interior

This is where we hand you back your home. 

We leave our clients with an interior that looks immaculate – this is why we always take special care in the final decoration and clean up.

We will show you around your finished interior and talk you through everything.

We are proud to offer a level of service that is appreciated by all our clients.