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Cost Saving Ideas - Bathroom Renovation

As the old saying goes, "the cost of the products is around the same as the cost of the labour". Ok, not really a saying but it is kind of true. It can be really easy to get carried away picking out the most beautiful products, but you should be aware that the cost of the labour will be around the same, doubling the overall cost of your bathroom renovation. But fear not, there are ways to make some savings. Here are our top five cost saving ideas - bathroom renovation edition.

Shelves instead of recess

Recessed shelves are everyone's favourite, but the amount of work involved will add to the cost of your bathroom installation. First, we need to build a stud wall. This can be half height or full height (depending on the layout) but it needs to be there. There isn't always the space but lots of bathrooms lend themselves to one. We then add the recess. There is, of course, timber and plasterboard involved but also, time. Once its build it then needs covering. Usually, the shelves are tiled. This involves cuts and corners. Again, this adds time but also extra skills that will cost you. If you're looking to save money, this is an easy one to miss out.

Close coupled toilet instead of wall hung (in fact, anything floor standing over wall hung)

There are lots of advantages to wall hung furniture. For a start, they create the illusion of more space and make it much easier to clean the bathroom floor! But the installation adds to the cost. If you're looking to save on the installation then a close coupled toilet and floor standing vanity will cut the cost.

Spots instead of mood lighting

We talk about mood lighting a lot. From recessed LEDs to illuminated mirrors, mood lighting can really finish off your bathroom. However, they are extra costs and they require a lot more work. As a rule, its much more cost effective to stick with a single light or a few ceiling spots.

Ceramic, medium sized tiles

A tile is never just a tile (see our 'tile' blog for all the info). We have standard costs for fitting tiles but there is a sliding scale. This is based on type, size and finish. The most cost effective tile is a medium sized, ceramic tile. Small tiles, like mosaics or subway tiles, take much longer because, obviously, there are more of them. Tiles with an uneven edge also take longer to fit (if you want them to look amazing). Although large tiles cover more area, they take much more prep work and sometimes, more tilers on the job. We go into much more detail in a previous blog but medium sized, ceramic tiles for the win, if you're on a budget.

Stick with the same layout

The biggest one! Sticking with the existing bathroom layout is the most cost effective way of saving time and money on a refurb. Changing the plumbing is a big job. It takes time, expert knowledge and extra trades. If it works...stick with it!

There are loads more options for cutting the cost and having what you want in your bathroom but our main piece of advice is always, be realistic! Cutting costs on installation, in our experience, never pays. It's nice to have luxury products but if they're installed on the cheap, you've wasted your money. It's much better to have mid-range products expertly installed.

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