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Let's Talk Toilets

We're always here for a bit of toilet talk. If you haven't been into a showroom yet, you will be forgiven for thinking a toilet is a toilet, but that's just not the case! Design is one thing, the shape, the size, the lid, a whole other chat. But technically, the basics, you have four options. Let's talk toilets!

Wall hung pan with concealed cistern.  Black flush plate.  Next to shower with black screens and marble effect tiles
Concealed Cistern with Wall Hung Pan


All options take up the same amount of space. There's that one done! Of course, you can get smaller than standard and bigger than standard designs, but the mechanics are the same.


Again, we're not talking about design or brand etc, but a close coupled toilet is cheaper than the alternative and requires less work when being fitted. All round, it's the most cost effective option!

The Types

There are four main 'types' of toilet. Well, two, with two options per type. You get me? The two types are close coupled and concealed cistern. Your add on choices are:

Close Coupled Toilet (Image from IMEX Ceramics)
Close Coupled (Image from IMEX Ceramics)

Close Coupled - A close coupled toilet consists of a cistern and a pan. With this option, the cistern is attached to the wall and to the pan. The pan is on the floor. You can see the whole thing. All the parts. You can also fit your hand between the wall and the pan.

Close Coupled Back-to-Wall Toilet
Close Coupled Back-to-Wall

Close Coupled Back-to-Wall - A back-to-wall toilet means everything touches the wall. You can't fit your hand between the wall and the pan. The pan is on the floor. Again, you can see everything. Apart from the soil pipe and water supply

Concealed Cistern with Floor Standing Pan and brushed gold flush plate
Concealed Cistern with Floor Standing Pan

Concealed Cistern and Floor Standing Pan - This is where it starts to cost a little more. Usually, concealing the cistern requires a stud wall/void. The cistern is hidden and has a flush plate or button. The toilet is on floor.

Concealed Cistern with Wall Hung Pan and brushed brass flush plate
Concealed Cistern with Wall Hung Pan

Concealed Cistern and Wall Hung Pan - Again, the cistern is hidden but this time, the pan hung from a frame within the wall. The wall is important!

*BONUS* a concealed cistern can have washlet (bidet).

Extra Information

As with most things, the fancier you get, the more technical it gets;

  • A concealed cistern needs a void. This can either be created with furniture or you need a stud wall (the most common option).

  • The frame of the toilet needs to be fitted to a fixed, solid background. Don't mess with this. It will either last forever or you will have issues. Do it properly!

  • Lots of people worry about maintenance on a concealed cistern but fear not, the access is through the flush plate. There isn't anything which can't be reached through the flush plate or behind the pan

And that's probably all you'll ever need to know about toilets! Which one you pick is usually just preference. The scale from traditional to contemporary gets wider all the time, you really can have whatever you want. If you have any toilet type questions, just get in touch.

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