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Top 5 'Must-Haves' for your Luxury Bathroom

We love a luxury bathroom and after many (many) years of installing them, we definitely have some favourite features. Design is always personal; there are some we LOVE and some we appreciate! But for that extra luxe, here are our top 5 must-haves for your luxury bathroom:

Mitred Edges

We say this a lot. There are lots of trim options for finishing off the edge of a tile but, for us, nothing beats a perfectly mitred edge. Now, depending on your choice of tile, it's not always possible (see the 'tile' blog for all the detail) but we would be choosing tiles based on if it can be mitred or not. It does cost more; it takes skill and time. But it's worth it.

Grey vanity with mitred edges before the resin
Vanity with Mitred Edge - before resin

Single Fall Wet Floor

Ok, this one. You probably wouldn't even think about it, but it's impressive. With a wet floor you have two options: 'single fall' or 'envelope' cuts. A single fall has one fall (I know) where an envelope fall has four. Both do the job. However, aside from a single fall looking better, it doesn't force extra grout lines, making it much easier to look after.

Just laid shower wet floor
Single Fall Wet-floor

Just laid shower floor showing 4 way fall
Four Way Fall Wet-floor

Illuminated De-misting Mirror

When is a mirror not just a mirror? When it has skills! An illuminated mirror is pretty much standard in new bathrooms now. That direct light on your face is a treat, even in the morning! But a de-misting mirror is extra.

Round illumined delisting mirror above a wall hung vanity.  Room is dressed with hand wash and a plant.
Illuminated Demisting Mirror

Underfloor Heating

Who doesn't want toasty feet first thing in the morning? A good towel heater and perfectly fitted underfloor heating are the ultimate in bathroom luxury and you won't convince us otherwise.

Three Shower Heads

Why? Because once you've seen them in action, there's no going back. There was a time a rain fall shower head was the dream. However, we quickly realised they are no good for rinsing your hair (especially when you have a full head of thick hair). So we added a sports head. Perfect. The power is more than enough to get the job done. A rain fall shower for lazy Sunday's, a sports head for a Friday hair wash. BUT, neither are great for rinsing. And here it is, the third band member, the hand-held-hose!

We could go on. There are so many beautiful ways to luxe your bathroom and we are here for all them! What are you must-haves?

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