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After you have placed you order and the payment has been made successfully, you shall immediately receive an electronic confirmation of receipt from Lauzzo.

An agreement is made and is binding on Lauzzo and you when Lauzzo emails you with this confirmation of the order. If Lauzzo is unable to accept your order, we will inform you and will not charge you for the products purchased.

Right to cancel (changing your mind)

You can cancel each agreement at any point from the time of ordering until fourteen days after you have received the ordered products, without giving any reason. You must comply with Exercise of right to cancel below or you may lose this right to cancel.

Obligations of the consumer during the cancellation period and prior to the return of the products

During the cancellation period and during the period of return transport you are responsible for the products. You will handle the products and the packaging carefully. You shall only open and / or unpack the products to the extent necessary to determine the nature, characteristics and functioning of the products.

If you do not adhere to the above instructions and this results in any damage to the products or a diminution of their value, then you responsible for this. This means that Lauzzo may deduct an amount equal to the cost of the damage or diminution in value and you will not be entitled to full reimbursement of the purchase price as referred to in In the event of cancellation

Exercise of right to cancel

If you exercises your right to cancel, you must notify Lauzzo within the cancellation period by email.

Where you are exercising yout rights and are returning products which have not been installed:

you must return the products to Lauzzo as soon as possible, but no later than within fourteen days from the day following your notification of cancellation. This deadline is met if you send the products back before this fourteen day period has expired; and

you bear the costs of returning the products.

Where you are exercising your rights and are returning products which have been installed, either:

you can arrange for the products to be un-installed by Lauzzo, by emailing as soon as possible, but no later than within 14 days from the day following your notification of cancellation to Lauzzo and Lauzzo will take the products after completing the un- installation; or

you can arrange for the products to be un-installed by a third party, as soon as possible but no later than within 14 days from the day following your notification of cancellation to Lauzzo and you must return the products to Lauzzo. You are responsible for the products during any un- installation carried out by a third party and for the return of the products.

You bear the costs of any un-installation and return of the products.
Where you are returning the products, email for returns details.

If there is any dispute over whether you have properly exercised the right to cancel correctly, the onus is on you to prove this.

Lauzzo's obligations in the event of cancellation

If you exercises your right to cancel and the products are undamaged and resalable, Lauzzo will reimburse the purchase price of the products within fourteen days after receiving the returned products or if earlier, within fourteen days of the day on which you provide evidence that you have sent them back. Lauzzo may withhold reimbursement until this time.

The refund will be made by the same payment method as used by you(e.g. returned to the same credit or debit card), unless you agree to another payment method.

You are not liable for any damage caused by Lauzzo to the products where the products have been un-installed and returned by Lauzzo in accordance with article You remain liable for the products where they are un-installed and returned by a third party.


The costs of delivery will be as displayed on the website.

Lauzzo takes the greatest possible care when receiving and delivering orders, however delivery times stated on the website or a confirmation are indicative only and if they are not met, no compensation is payable, unless the parties have expressly agreed otherwise in writing.

Lauzzo will try to ensure delivery is made by any estimated date set out in the order confirmation, and in any case within thirty days of confirmation of the order, unless a longer delivery period has been agreed. In the case of unreasonably late delivery you have the right to cancel the order. Lauzzo will then refund the purchase price of the ordered products.

Delivery shall be made to the address that you have made known to Lauzzo at the time of placing the order, except that delivery of cylinders will not be made to the remote areas.

In case of a delay caused by events or circumstances outside of Lauzzo’s control of these general terms and conditions, Lauzzo will take steps to minimise the effect of the delay. The agreed delivery time will be extended by the time that the event or situation outside of Lauzzo’s control continues, unless there is a risk of substantial delay, in which case you may contact Lauzzo at to end the agreement and receive a refund of the price paid for any products that you have paid for but not received.

If you do not provide at the required time, complete and accurate information or instructions that have been notified to you as being necessary to make delivery, Lauzzo is entitled to reject the order and/or end an agreement.



Subject to remote areas, where you purchase products which require installation you can either at its choice:

request Lauzzo to carry out the installation, for the additional cost by emailing

arrange for a third party engaged by you to carry out the installation required at your cost and at your risk.

Where installation is carried out by Lauzzo, Lauzzo shall use reasonable care and skill in carrying out such installation.

Lauzzo does not provide installation services to the remote areas. If you require installation of the products in a remote area you must arrange for such installation by a third party in accordance with above.

Where you arrange for a third party to carry out the installation, Lauzzo shall have no liability to you in connection with any damage caused to the products and/or by any failure of the products to function correctly due to the work carried out by the third party, which will be provided entirely at your risk.

Ownership of products

Except in relation to ownership of cylinders, you will own any other products purchased from our website from the date you make payment for such products.


The prices are as shown on our website and are inclusive of VAT. The price shown only applies to the order placed. Lauzzo has the right to change the prices for the products stated on our website from time to time. This means that a different price may apply to any future orders.

Payment must be made using the permitted payment methods indicated on our website. Payment must be made on dispatch of the products. Lauzzo will not charge you until Lauzzo have dispatched the products, unless another payment period or any other method of payment is explicitly agreed in the relevant agreement.

You must immediately report to Lauzzo any inaccuracies in the payment details stated or which you have provided.

If you believe that the prices for the products or the payment made is incorrect then you should inform Lauzzo as soon as possible.

If you do not pay for the products within 14 days from the date of dispatch Lauzzo may charge interest to you on the overdue amount at the rate of 3% a year above the base lending rate of the Bank of England from time to time. This interest shall accrue on a

daily basis from the due date until the date of actual payment of the overdue amount, whether before or after judgment. You must pay interest together with any overdue amount.

You will not have to pay any interest on disputed sums until the dispute is resolved. Once the dispute is resolved Lauzzo will charge you interest on correctly stated prices from the original due date.

If Lauzzo owes any amount to you, it is entitled to set off this amount against outstanding amounts from you.

Quality and guarantee

Lauzzo is under a legal duty to supply products that are in conformity with each agreement, as described, fit for purpose and of satisfactory quality.

Lauzzo guarantees that the products it supplies meet the applicable legal requirements and standards.

In relation to the cylinders only, this guarantee is limited to the duration of the best-before date, which is stated on the cylinders.

Where there are problems with the cylinders, Lauzzo will determine whether there is a problem with the cylinder or the Lauzzo CUBE. If the problem is with the cylinder, Lauzzo will replace the cylinder free of charge, provided it has been informed by you within 60 days of you becoming aware of the problem.

Work to be performed under this guarantee will only be performed during normal working hours.

Explicitly excluded from this guarantee are defects caused by misuse, insufficient maintenance, negligence, accident and/or normal wear and tear. "Misuse" includes, but is not limited to, unauthorized use of the products and/or failure to comply with use, installation and replacement instructions. The terms and conditions of use and instructions can be found in these general terms and conditions and/or on the products and/or the packaging thereof and/or on you cannot claim under the guarantee.

Advice about your legal rights and remedies is available from the Consumer’s Citizens’ Advice Bureau. Nothing in these general terms and conditions, including the above guarantee will affect these legal rights and remedies.


The products may only be used in accordance with the Lauzzo Terms and Conditions of Use. If such products are used for other purposes, or in contravention of the Lauzzo Terms and Conditions of Use, or if the cylinders are used after the best-before-date stated on the cylinders, Lauzzo is not liable for the resulting damage. However, no provision of these general terms and conditions will affect your legal rights for defective goods or otherwise.

Within 14 days after receipt, you will check whether the products have visible defects and/or damage. If this is the case, you will not use the relevant products and contact Lauzzo to exchange the relevant products.

Lauzzo only supplies the products for domestic and private use. If you use the products for any commercial, business or re-sale purpose Lauzzo will have no liability to you for any loss of profit, loss of business, business interruption, or loss of business opportunity.

Circumstances outside of Lauzzo 's control

Lauzzo is not liable for delay as a result of circumstances that are outside of its control, including but not limited to: unusual levels of delay at borders or traffic congestion, strike and lock-out, fire, war or danger of war, storm or water damage, epidemic, riots or civil war, transport or manufacturing failures or insolvency or other failures of its sub-suppliers.

Termination by Lauzzo

Where you are bankrupt or in breach of this agreement (and in the case of a breach capable of remedy, whether you have remedied the breach within 14 days of notification from Lauzzo) Lauzzo may terminate this Agreement.

Complaints and alternative dispute resolution

Complaints about the performance of an agreement and/or the products delivered must be submitted fully and clearly to Lauzzo

Customer data

Lauzzo protects the personal information that you provide to Lauzzo in any manner whatsoever.

Applicable law and courts

All orders and agreements for the supply of products through the website are governed by English Law.

Disputes between Lauzzo and yourself shall be exclusively dealt with by the courts of England and Wales. However, if you are in Scotland, you may also bring proceedings in Scotland. If you are in Northern Ireland, may also bring proceedings in Northern Ireland.

Modification of general terms and conditions

Lauzzo is at all times entitled to change or supplement these general terms and conditions. This means that for subsequent orders (even if they are placed through the same user account) other terms and conditions may apply.

The changes will take effect four weeks after the announcement to you, or at a later date as mentioned in the announcement, unless a different statutory period is required, which is then applied.

If you do not wish to accept the change, you can terminate this order in writing with effect from the day on which the change takes effect and receive a refund for any cylinders paid for but not received.

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